My iTunesU course is soon to be available for free as part of an anthology with other music educators from around the world it is called 

rappin in the classroom title

It is intended to be a resource that any teacher (non specialist and specialist can use)

I am particularly keen for it to be a course that learners can run along with themselves and have taken great pains to provide original content in easy chunks that have some "street-cred"

Kids like cool stuff I have tried to be as cool as I am allowed to be. Rap music has fallen by the way with its "gangsta" role models and expletive-driven lyrics - so we are ignoring all of that and concentrating on the good aspects of this genre, the rhythm, the rhyme and the way the lyrics are put together.

HipHop is part of this

Great for creative writing lessons, poetry, indeed any area of the curriculum where kids can express themselves.

There are lots of