Winners of the Becta Digital Creative Media Award

Speccy4eyes final


This film, inspired by an incident in the school playground, was created by four Year 2 pupils at Oakhill Primary School in Stoke-on-Trent.

The hero of the story, Charlie, shows us the damaging effects of bullying, when he wears his new glasses and is nicknamed "Speccy4eyes" by pupils in the playground. The film is animated using plasticine models made by the pupils and a storyline that they created together.  After exploring different aspects of bullying, the pupils painted pictures of the characters, created a storyboard and learnt about capturing each frame of an animation and then how to edit the results.They even played instruments to create the soundtrack.

The teachers hope that the central message will be carried across to other pupils. 

"This is a good example of children understanding  what they are doing by creating a story about it and   other children are able relate and to understand it too."

"The technical competence and story content certainly impressed the judges. Not only was the simple narration well presented, but the moral of the story was both engaging and witty."

Speccy4eyes video

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