HHLC 2009  - Stoke GPS Tour

Handheld Learning Conference 2009

The movie shows the short tour of the potteries which we took using mobile devices. We used Wildknowledge Software to create quizzes and Geo-referenced Maps which we filled in and used to guide us around the towns

Stoke on Trent is made up of six towns not five, apparently Arnold Bennett did not like the way six towns sounded and called his novel Anna of the Five Towns.

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It is a linear city and the towns from top to bottom are





Fenton (this one was left out of his novel)


Its amazing-every town has its own Town Hall WOW

(and some towns have more than one)

Stoke LA Press Release

The four pupils were presented with their award – a Nintendo Wii each – by TV presenter Jason Bradbury, from the Gadget Show.

Pupils from a Stoke-on-Trent primary school are celebrating after walking away with a national award which showcased their use of modern technology.

The team of four, from Packmoor Primary School, were chosen as one of six national winners in the “Y Factors” competition, which looks at innovation and ingenuity by young people using modern “gadgets” such as mobile ‘phones. There were 200 schools competing for one of the six top places in the competition.

The four pupils represented the work of two  classes of Year 5/6 students from Packmoor primary school who were challenged to use “smart” phones (a phone that offers advanced capabilities, with a PC function) for a school project to learn about the culture of Stoke-on-Trent.  They learned to use “WildKnowledge” software to create questionaires and geo-referenced maps into which they captured data via GPS on their phones as they toured every town in the Potteries.  They also created their own mobile websites (see below) wrote and performed an assembly for parents as well as writing and recording a musical rap video called “Switch that mobile phone off!”

The students were helped by the CLC curriculum advisor Jenny Hulme, an expert in eLearning. She said: “The enthusiasm and creativity of the children was terrific and this was an excellent opportunity for children from the city to be at the forefront of an e-learning initiative – both City Learning Centres and the school are very proud of them.”

Cabinet member for Stoke children and young people’s services, Councillor Ian Mitchell, said: “I never cease to be amazed by the willingness of young people to embrace new technology and the speed with which they understand the most complex pieces of equipment. This is a real tribute to them, the school and the CLCs.”

Some of the pupil websites created using



Packmoor Primary pupils performing in the parent assembly.


Shot from their Music Rap entitled  “Switch that mobile phone off!”

 Jason Bradbury (The Gadget Show) seen here with Packmoor pupils - an amazing achievement