As in the case of Genius I think Composing is  -  Inspiration 1% and Perspiration 99%

car bike final


Working with three students over a period of 4/5 weeks we researched sounds and loops to create this programme music for a game about cars.

(this was definately hard work- coming back over and over again to refine and polish the music - we were all throughly sick of it by the time we had finished - however when we had not heard for a while it was obvious that we had a much more advanced and better piece of music by working on it continuously) 

Previously we had created music in garageband by mashing up their fav tracks etc creative but not so original.  This time they all wanted to achieve a professional finish to their work that could be used  by a games or film company.  This meant going the extra mile and looking at the structure in greater detail, choosing the right loops, playing in some of the drum parts and also enhancing it by the use of dynamics particularly the use of crescendo.  I think we captured the spirit of a car chase/accident and the use of SFX at the end worked well.

The picture is the result of each learner finding their favourite car and using various photo manipulation websites to create a montage to go with the music.


Click on the Subaru for the Roadrage mp3