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Here is a list of Links to websites and various useful resources that my fellow ADEs have put out during and after the Cork ATI.  I have added in a few of my own too.

Ade Global Institute - Pictures, Posts & Blogs

To find our pictures on Flickr use: #ade2012  or use the keywords:ADE Global Institute Cork Ireland 2012

First of all Lovey Wymanns Brilliant Blog (a really good account of the week and loads of links)

Other ADE reflections that are very informative and useful are

Doug Loader's writeup  

Techangies Blog

Tim Kitchen's Writeup

Daniel O'Reilly post on his Technology Bucket site

Interactive archive of tweets to #ade2012


Bill Frakes - Pullitzer Prize Winning Photographer

iPad Links

iPad Academy

6 Free Presentation App for iPad

iPad in Palm Beach County Schools a large project by all accounts

The iPad as a Tool for Education - Naace Study with downloadable report pdf

iBooks Author Links

iBooksGenerator  for embedding maps and videos etc

Music Links

Using Garageband as a Compositional Tool - Nathan Simpson

10 Apps to turn your iPad into a Music production Tool - Nathan Simpson