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Cheltenham College

As soon as I could - I attended the Apple Teacher Institute in Cheltenham organised and initiated by David Baugh

and his team of stunning ADEs.   I was lucky to get to join them the following year to support teachers and learners who wanted to use Mac technology in their classrooms. Much of the early work was dominated by DV, Still Photography both of which were a new experience for teachers. Later the podcasting and then the power of animation under Oscar Stringer caught the imagination of teachers and the development of Garageband moved us into a fully multimedia approach.  Never before had teachers been able to use such easy tools and not only that they could go back into the classroom and enable the kids to  use the same tools to take charge of their own learning. Using multimedia in this way opened the door to most of the online courses I have been teaching.  OCR's Creative and Media Diplomas  come to mind. I truly believe that Digital Portfolios are powerful work tools and now of course this is becoming the norm across the curriculum.  

The ATI was an extremely fast-paced week during which teachers with no knowledge learned the programmes and then set up teams and projects of their own choosing to produce a piece of media that showed they understood how to use the software in the curriculum and took home valuable exemplars for using in their own school. 

Tutor experts: 

David Baugh - Apple Professional Development  Consultant

Tom Barrance- Digital Film Making- Director at Media Education - Wales 


Oscar Stringer: - Animation - Independent consultant for education


Barbara Ainscough- Brilliant All round teacher and Mac Specialist

Here is collage and pictures of some of the activities

ATI Collage copy
ATI Activites