Apple Advocacy

ADE Trip to the Apple plant in Cork - Ireland - 2003

We were a small band of ADEs back then  - there are a few missing in particular Jim Elder (who is taking the photo I think), Enniah B and a couple of others

Left to right

Richard Millwood, David Baugh, Barbara Ainscough, Oscar Stringer, Tom Barrance, Gregg , Phil Lavery, Scotland, Alan Cooge, Liverpool and John Lemon.

This was a fascinating trip to Cork for some much needed CPD and to actually see the care and consideration given to making and packing the Macs.  The  store is also located here, we were very impressed by the fact that they used native speakers for each country.  Wow - lots of firms could take note of this, all those call centres farmed out to foreign lands where the speakers are unable to communicate.  Must lose their company loads of money.