My lovely Memorymoog sadly needs a midi retrofit and a sorting out of tuning for its 18 Oscillators - described as a" Wolf in Wolves' clothing" Didnt take it on stage much - so heavy and unreliable (tuning-wise that is) but the sund is really fat and thick - unbelievable


Moog Source - such fun to tinker with and a very fat/rich sound

My old Jupiter 4 -  sadly long since gone


Yamaha DX7 IID - still working fine in our studio

Yamaha DX7IID sm

Roland D50 - one of the first synths to really make you sit up and listen - sold itself in the shop - there was nothing else like it on the marketat the time.


My old recording setup in the 70s

My olf recording setup

My recording setup in the 1980s

1980 recording setup final

What I use now in 2012

2012 recording setup final