First Post

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Its ironic or maybe even prophetic that my first post should be about Apple…. but not surprising to those who know me.         

I have just come back from a marvellous CPD experience which was organised by the Americans and hosted by the Irish (what a great combination) for the "Apple Distinguished Educators Global Institute 2012 Cork Ireland". I shall eventually put up a detailed reflection about this event under the  menu of this website since I am keen to share the experience with as many ADEs and teachers and learners as I can and will  provide links to all the ideas and resources.

First of all I have to say how astonished I was by the amazing thought and care put into organising such a large event by the US team, everything that could have been, was. No stone was left unturned to get everything right - from which bus or tutorial we were attending to the constant supply of drinks and food available to us while we were working. The choice of hotel (Fota Island Hotel - Cork)  was also key to the week's success with such gracious and kindly hosts - between them they are a top model for all events worldwide.

A few years ago I won a £10,000 week's holiday to Atlantis in the Bahamas staying at the marvellous Royal Towers - well ask me which week i would prefer? ….yes this one just gone. Not only for the comfort and organisation but for the companionship and shared learning experience - it was memorably  priceless.